HSSE and Employee Empowerment

As the country embraces a Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) culture, the Centre takes great pride in its role in promoting this change. The HSSE MS Mentorship Programme which began in 2019, has aided the development of the safety standards and now has manifested into the culture of so many local Guyanese businesses today. With over 200 companies at different levels, the Centre continues to support businesses as they build their HSSE systems to meet global standards.

Companies often go through a change management process from awareness to action. 

Initially, leadership becomes aware of the changing HSSE culture in Guyana from colleagues, industry events or Centre outreach. Leadership makes an active decision to become part of the change. 

With management’s commitment, workforce training and institutionalisation of safety standards and systems soon follow. Employees become well versed in safety systems, protocols, and standards, and HSSE goes from being a foreign concept to a mainstay of the internal business culture.

This evolution is most evident during the final stage of the Programme when employees are interviewed on-site by the Centre to gauge the safety culture transformation of the organisation. 

Remarks from employees include how they have become empowered to become safety leaders or for the first time their value and well-being are being openly acknowledged. This is the type of lasting, human reward businesses experience when they complete the Centre’s HSSE MS Mentorship Programme.