HSSE MS Mentorship Programme

The Centre’s HSSE Management System (MS) Mentorship Programme continues to gain traction since its inception in 2019. More than 250 companies are enrolled and have attended the HSSE MS Awareness Sessions. This four-hour class is designed specifically for senior managers to introduce them to the concept of building an HSSE management system, its key elements and benefits.

The awareness seminar, the first step in the MS process, is then followed-up by individual consultations with the Centre’s HSSE experts. These sessions provide an opportunity for each business to discuss the status of its HSSE initiatives and receive personalised guidance on developing their own HSSE management system.

During these consultations, businesses provide the Centre’s team with their HSSE documentation and information on their internal practices and work environment for review. Based on the Centre’s input, a business may need to update existing practices or conceive a new HSSE management system.

The next step in the process is the completion of an online questionnaire. If the HSSE documents submitted are judged complete (graded 85% or above), the Centre will conduct a site visit to verify the documents and provide a list of actions to further strengthen the HSSE management system. Once recommended actions are undertaken and the HSEE management system is fully implemented, the local business receives a letter of completion.

Despite the setback due to the COVID-19 pandemic, by the end of 2021, 25 companies are expected to complete the HSSE MS programme. This shows a great level of commitment from the local companies. Having an HSSE management system improves efficiency and safety operations within a business. In addition, an HSSE management system gives businesses a competitive edge in the oil and gas industry, and other comparable industries. The Centre will continue to work with local businesses to build their HSSE management systems.