Introducing Project Management

The Centre for Local Business Development continues to play a pivotal role in ensuring Guyanese businesses are equipped to navigate the rapidly changing local economy. To this end, the Centre introduces its latest mentorship programme – Project Management. 

As many larger and more complex projects are now being awarded to local companies, the successful delivery of quality specifications within scope, cost and schedule is vital. Many companies have never been in this position before, and a new suite of skills is required to ensure the projects are successfully completed. 

To bridge this gap, the Centre launched its Project Management Mentorship Programme in April 2022. This programme begins with an overview course which consists of two 3-hour sessions. The overview course introduces key concepts to project management and practical application tools used for successful project delivery. Modules covered include topics such as 3Ps framework, project governance, cost management, risk management and more. 

As of the end of June, 73 individuals from 69 businesses were trained in the overview course with the number expected to more than double by the end of 2022. Following the overview course, businesses will be invited to join specialised short courses which will further delve into topics of key importance. The first short course will be on Contract Management which will be launched in September 2022. 

The Centre will continue to engage participants through follow-up meetings to ensure that companies are implementing the tools taught and continue to address any challenges that companies may be facing in this area.